Vote for the next project to be listed on EXMO!

The coin that received the most votes gets the right to be listed on EXMO

the vote has ended
Congratulations to the winner, HAI on having the most votes
Hacken Token
Hacken Token
EXMO COIN: 7 388 votes
Retweets: 362 votes
Shares: 377 votes
Airdrop reward pool - 350,000 HAI
HAI gets priority listing rights on EXMO platform
4ART Coin
4 530
EXMO COIN: 4 070 votes
Retweets: 120 votes
Shares: 340 votes
Airdrop reward pool - 90 000 4ART

Voting Rules

Who can vote?

All who wish can vote. However, please note that in order to vote via EXM, you need to send tokens from your EXMO exchange wallet.

How do I vote for my favorite coin?

There are several ways you can vote. You can choose a voting method by clicking on the "Vote" button for the coin you like.

  • Vote via EXM token
    To vote via EXM, you need to click on the "Send" button.
    In the appeared window, you can determine the amount of EXM tokens required to vote for the selected coin.
    Then you will see the wallet address to transfer the tokens to corresponding to the selected coin.
    The cost of 1 vote is 150 EXM. The maximum number of votes for one user is 50 (7500 EXM).
    Send the required amount of tokens to the wallet address corresponding to the selected coin by making a withdrawal from your EXMO exchange wallet. Pay attention to the commission and the final withdrawal amount!

    Attention! After the voting results, all sent EXMs will be returned to your exchange wallet! The maximum number of EXM tokens that will be credited to your chosen coin's asset is 7,500 (regardless of the transactions number). EXM tokens over 7500 sent from one address will not be counted but will be returned after the end of the voting to the user's wallet.
  • Repost on Facebook
    You need to share the link to the page of the chosen coin on your Facebook account.
    By clicking on the "Share" button under this voting method, the system will automatically redirect you to the Facebook platform, where you can repost the page of the selected asset.
    1 repost equals 1 vote. The maximum number of votes — 1.
  • Repost on Twitter
    You need to retweet the post that corresponds to your chosen coin on your Twitter account.
    By clicking on the "Tweet" button under this voting method, the system will automatically redirect you to the Twitter platform, where you can retweet the needed publication.
    1 retweet equals 1 vote. The maximum number of votes — 1.
How is the winner of the vote determined?

The winner is the coin that receives the most votes. If the votes are equally spread, the coin for which more users vote is the winner.

Can I vote for several projects?


What is the voting period?

14 calendar days from launch

Who is involved in receiving rewards from a winning coin?

Only those users who voted by sending EXM tokens from their EXMO exchange wallet

The term for returning EXM and receiving a reward from the winning coin?

EXM tokens will be returned to users' exchange wallets within 14 days after the winner announcement.

Users who voted for the winner via EXM tokens will receive a reward after the winning coin listing within 30 days after the announcement of the results (depending on the complexity of the coin's technical integration to the EXMO platform).

We reserve the right to disqualify a token from a vote and cancel the vote count if signs of fraud are detected. Listing of the winning coin will be carried out from 14 to 30 days, depending on the complexity of the technical integration of a particular coin on the EXMO platform.